Contec ECG Holter System TLC6000 (12 Lead)

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    TLC6000 Dynamic ECG System contains recorder & analysis software. Recorder is an easy- to -use unit, which collects 12-lead ECG waveform synchronously and records continuously for 48 hours. The data collected by the recorder can be transfered to PC through the software.

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    Main Features

    • With 12 leads synchrony analysis, QRS search can be more exactly
    • There are more than 10 templates as atrial premature beat module, ventricular premature beat module, long interval module, atrial flutter module, atrial fibrillation module etc. And multiplicative User-defined templates could almost identify every kind of pathologic waveforms
    • Flexible atrial fibrillation analysis, so that physicians can use full, segmented automatic, manual analysis of atrial fibrillation, make the analysis more quickly and accurately
    • Powerful pacemaker analysis, on the AAI, VVI, DDD, etc. all pacemaker analysis
    • Any period of single lead or 12-leads ECG can be reviewed at any time with the function of fast waveform review and analysis
    • Analysis of heart rate variability with short-range 5 minutes and long-range 1 hour and full analysis of heart rate variability
    • A one-stop printing operation, the report printing process is convenient and quick
    • Heart rate turbulence" analysis can predict the risk of death in patients with myocardial infarction
    • T Wave alternation" analysis is an important index on judging and preventing Arrhythmia
    • The report has more reference value with the functions of VCG, VLP, TVCG and QTD analysis.