HCE(UK) Diagnostic Kit ENT-K-12

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    Otoscope(ENT-020):   The otoscope is a classic medical device in ENT. The devices adopt the total reflection of optical fiber and make the light path and observation of light tend to be coaxial through the optimization design, which increases the visual field of view. It is used to view the tympanic membrane and external ear canal to diagnose outer and middle ear pathologies.   Ophthalmoscope(ENT-011):    Direct ophthalmoscope (hereinafter: device) is a classic medical device for ophthalmology. This device adopts a professional lens system, which makes doctors conveniently get a clear visual field for examining the interior structure of eyes, such as dioptric media etc.   Laryngeal mirror(ENT-01-LM):    Laryngeal Mirror adopts 20 mm plane reflector, and not use the spotlights, which increases the mouth and throat have a best lightning effect. It is used to view the tooth department, oral cavity and pharynx, etc.   Tongue depressor(ENT-01-TD):    The plastic or standard wooden spatula can be used, it is used to view the oral cavity and pharynx, etc.   Nasal speculum(ENT-01-NS):    The device adopts metal dilator with card slot and the observation window use glass lenses, the appearance is sleek, which makes it stronger, safer for examining and clearer field of vision. It is used to view the inside of the nose.